General Harvesting

Pic of Iron Sickle Upgrade to an Iron Sickle as soon as possible. It will reduce your harvesting time by 50% or more.
Harvesting Fungus is a fast way to increase your Harvesting skill without gathering a lot of resources to weigh you down.

Where's the Hemp?

Pic of Hemp Hemp nodes can be found in open fields along most roads. They are tall stalks with pinkish flowers which makes them easy to spot from a distance. Some are also in forested areas.
The largest concentration was found traveling along the road leading NorthWest from WINDSWARD Settlement to the WINDSWARD Fort, you will pass by several large clumps of Hemp. These clumps will usually contain five to six Hemp nodes. Generally two large nodes and several small to medium ones.
There will usually be several nodes of Herbs nearby which may be obscured by bushes or trees, so look around.
Also, several Buffalo are in the area which provide a good source for Hides.
NOTE: During a WAR, this area will be under restricted access and you will not be able to enter most of it.

Nuts and Berries

Pic of Nuts/Berries Nut clusters and Berry bushes can be found in forests and near rocky outcroppings. You'll have to travel off-road a bit to find them and they may be obscured by bushes or trees. When your Harvesting gets above 25?, they will show up on your compass.
Watch out for Wolves when exploring off-road areas.


Pic of Herbs Herbs are small stalks with violet-purple flowers. They are normally found in open grasslands within clumps of bushes and trees. They are also sometimes found in forests within clumps of bushes.


Pic of Fungus types The various types of Fungus are a source of reagents for making Dyes. Each type of Fungus is native to it's own area. Yellow for Everfall, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Brown, White for others.

Vegetables and Grains

Pic of Vegetables/Grains These are usually found on Farms. Usually acquired by looting crates and supply chests. Corn shows up as tall stalks in farm fields. Squash looks like a pumpkin.

Briars: Quest Item

Pic of Briars Not used for anything other than the Barkeepers quest. They can be found along rivers and are usually covered by bushes. They look like twisted vines with thorns.